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Mess with Me Bundle (EBook) PLUS TWO BONUS STORIES

Mess with Me Bundle (EBook) PLUS TWO BONUS STORIES


  • A completely inappropriate series of romantic comedies. Welcome to The Mirage Agency, the steamiest office in Washington, DC!

Book 1 - Beg Me (enemies to lovers)
My rooster is on strike. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. The traitor. But he’ll only cock-a-doodle-doo for my co-worker. My rival. When we have to fake an engagement to impress a client — we just might kill each other pretending to be lovers. Until we discover we don’t hate each other between the sheets…    

Book 2 - Ask Me (one night stand)

If it’s possible to screw up a good thing, I’m the girl who’ll figure out how. So when I get a new job, I celebrate with one last night of fun before focusing on climbing the corporate ladder. Until my night of fun walks into the office and I discover who he really is. My firm’s biggest client and my new nightmare.

Book 3 - Want Me (grumpy boss)

Banging your boss is a bad idea. I know. He loves our no strings attached arrangement… until I remind him that if he’s not my boyfriend the position is open for someone else. (A second chance, grumpy boss romance)

Book 4 - Need Me (second chance)

Happily ever after is overrated and I love to send guys running. Until I meet my match. But this one has the power to ruin my bestie's career, I'll have to try the scariest thing of all. Being myself.

THE TEXT - Milo & Mya

I adore my wife. We’re a perfect match. Maybe that’s why I’m so surprised to see “the text”. Don't judge me. You'd read your wife’s messages too if she was texting a guy who looks like The Rock. Who the hell is this guy? And exactly what does he think he can give my wife that I can’t?

TELL ME - Andre & Casey

Ever since we got married, life has been perfect. Andre is still the reigning king of the fashion world and I am getting closer to getting my degree. Then two little lines change everything… Andre is on the verge of realizing one of his biggest dreams. What will matter more, the lure of Hollywood or the comfort of home?




I like to win. 

Well, everyone likes to win, I suppose, but most aren’t willing to do what it takes to get there. To cross the finish line. To grab the brass ring. Most people want the glory without the grime it takes to work for it. But I’ve always been willing to get right down in the trenches and roll around in the muck to get what I want. 

The key to getting ahead is understanding people and what makes them tick. And let me tell you, hubris is the downfall of many. I’m a cocky bastard, but I’ve earned the right. I pay attention, I do the work, and I don’t make mistakes. 

Which is how I’ve found myself at a complete loss as to how I’ve fucked up so completely.

I’m going to tell you the story of how I pissed off a girl, saved our company, made the bet of a lifetime, and pissed off the girl some more. 

So get comfortable. Hell, grab a snack because this is going to take a while.

Chapter 1


“This is not happening again.”

The woman who propositioned me in the dark hallway outside the bathroom squints down at my still deflated package, which, quite frankly, is not a good feeling. What man wants a woman to have to squint to see what he’s working with?

Not me. And truthfully, that’s never been an issue before. Some people are just blessed in the third-leg department. I’m lucky enough to be one of them. 

But right now, she’s squinting. Hard. Like, searching for a needle in a haystack hard. 

What is she searching for you ask? 

Not my cock. That’s large and in charge and currently held snug in her tight grip. What she’s searching for is what my cock is supposed to be doing right now. 

That’s right. She’s searching for my hard-on, which apparently fled the building as soon as she got me behind closed doors. 

Humiliation mixes with panic, and I take a deep breath. The last time this happened was the prior weekend on a date with a woman I met at the coffee shop. I paid for her mocha cappuccino and she responded by writing her number on the side of my cup. We went to dinner at a new restaurant near her place, and she invited me up so I could be her dessert. 

It could have been the hottest thing ever if my dick hadn’t decided to take a nap as soon as she took her clothes off. 

Time to focus. I direct all my energy and attention to the source of my current frustration. Until recently, he’s never let me down. All I have to do is figure out what’s blocking him from performing. I’m here with a beautiful woman who has her D-cup breasts gloriously unrestrained and ready to pop out of her strappy little black dress at any moment. 

She’s ready, she’s willing, and we’re alone. Perfect recipe for success.

But when I look down at the soldier in question… nothing.

“Fucking hell,” I mutter in disbelief.

“It’s okay,” she assures me, which is a nice thing to do since in her position I’d be pissed off. Then again, she seems like a nice lady. 

What was her name again? 




“It happens to the best of us sometimes,” she continues. “You’re so fucking hot, I figured I’d take my shot before you left. I heard your coworkers mention you’d be leaving soon.”

Under any other circumstances, the mention of my coworkers would be the ultimate buzzkill, but not today. Because dirty thoughts about one of my coworkers in particular are to blame for why I’m standing in the middle of the women’s bathroom at a bar. 

Mya Taylor. Rival ad executive, leading scorer in my wet dreams, and titanium ballbuster extraordinaire, aka the hottest woman I’ve ever met. 

And she hates me. 

My cock stirs at the thought of her, which should give me hope but instead is just maddening. With dawning horror, I realize my suspicions are true. The same thing happened last weekend. I couldn’t get him up when I was with Brittany, but as soon as I went home and saw a work-related email from Mya, there was an instant party in my pants. 

Clearly, it’s not that my rooster won’t crow, but he’s suddenly developed a preference for women with the ability to derail my career and make me feel completely inadequate at the same time.

For Mya.

Oh no, I think down at the offending appendage. You do not get to react to the thought of that she-devil.

Not that he listens to me. My cock has violated the no-imagining-Mya rule everywhere from my shower to my dreams at night. Apparently, this traitor doesn’t care about my future, my career, or my sanity.

The door to the bathroom rattles and then crashes open. As if thoughts of her have summoned her directly to the source, Mya fills the doorway. Her eyes widen slightly when she takes in my naked ass pressed against the bathroom counter and the scantily clad brunette who still has my limp Judas in her hand. 

Except he’s not limp anymore. 

As my eyes take her in, every synapse in my brain fires in delight. Mya’s parents are from the Bahamas, and she has the whole I’m a radiant and sun-kissed goddess every fucking day thing going on. She tosses her long braid over her shoulder before glaring at me. It’s as thick as rope and jet black. The millions of bangles she always wears clack mockingly as she moves. 

Goddamn, the woman drives me insane. 

But she also turns me on, which is evidenced by the instant steel injection that takes me from limp noodle to solid baseball bat in less than 2.5 seconds.

“Look, it’s working!” Justine-Jasmine-Jessica squeals and punctuates the statement by bouncing up and down.

Mya looks between the D cups threatening to punch me in the face and my solid ten inches. Then she glances up at me.

“Seems I’m interrupting,” she murmurs. “Wouldn’t want to do that.” 

Her words echo even after the door swings shut behind her. And my dick deflates like all the wind beneath his wings just followed her out of the room. Because that’s the way he’s been operating lately. He only gets hard for the one woman who takes pleasure in wounding my ego as if it’s second nature. 

I know she seems nice, but don’t let the sweet smile fool you. She’s evil and, no doubt, already thinking up some way to use this situation against me.

Then the door swings open, and Mya pokes her head back in. “Miss? I’m sorry to interrupt again. What’s your name?” 

“Jessica,” the brunette squeaks timidly. 

Mya inclines her head to the woman still holding my dick as formally as if they were meeting at a business conference. 

“I thought so. Your boss is looking for you, but I can stall him another few minutes or so.” Her lips curl up into a wicked grin as her eyes slide over to mine. “I’m sure it won’t take much longer than that.” 

Then she lets the door close again, leaving the two of us alone with my rapidly softening dick and a whole hell of a lot of awkwardness.

Do you see what I mean now? 

Pure. Evil.

Series Information

Mess with Me / The Mirage Agency

  • 1 - Beg Me - Milo + Mya
  • 1.5 - The Text - Milo + Mya
  • 2 - Ask Me - Andre + Casey
  • 2.5 - Tell Me- Andre + Casey
  • 3 - Want Me - Law + Anya
  • 4 - Need Me - Vin + Ariana


Save over 60% and binge read this steamy romantic comedy series!


While we’ve been talking, we’ve subconsciously moved closer to each other, and when she peeks up at me, she’s so close I can feel her soft breath on my chin. All at once, she seems to realize how close we are and stands suddenly.

“I should go!”

“Not yet. Some of the Lavin team are staying on this floor, remember? We want them to believe we’re really in l’amore.”

Mya throws up her hands. “Well, how are we supposed to convince them of that?”

“For starters, they would expect us to share a room. They would expect us to want to share a room.” I wiggle my eyebrows at her. “Maybe we should rock the bed and scream a lot.”

I’m expecting her to laugh with me, maybe make a joke about screaming my name. But instead, she just looks skeptical.


She shakes her head. “Like that’s believable. That only happens in the movies.”

“Are you saying you’ve never screamed before?”

Now, I don’t want to overstate my case here, but I don’t think it’s a secret that I know my way around a woman’s body. There are few things more satisfying than watching a woman lose her inhibitions, melt against you, and yes, scream your name.

So when I see that look on Mya’s face, the truth of the situation hits me with all the subtlety of a two-by-four.

Prim, perfect Mya Taylor has never experienced that in real life.

And every part of me is dying to know how that is possible.

❤️ Welcome to The Mirage Agency, the steamiest office in Washington, DC! A completely inappropriate series of romantic comedies. ❤️

  • Beg Me - Milo & Mya (enemies to lovers)
  • Ask Me Andre & Casey (one night stand)
  • Want Me - Law & Anya (grumpy boss)
  • Need Me - Vin & Ariana (second chance)
  • The Text - Milo & Mya (exclusive short story)
  • Tell Me - Andre & Casey (exclusive short story)

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