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One More Chance (Audiobook)

One More Chance (Audiobook)

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NOTE: This is a TTS (text-to-speech) audio for the blind & visually impaired. This is not human narration.


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Her face burned at her sister’s frank talk. “Raina, this is ridiculous. I’m hardly going to force him to … do it.”

Raina got up and walked out of the kitchen. Puzzled, Ri was about to go after her when the timer went off for the brownies. They’d cooled and she was cutting the first piece by the time Raina came back carrying a small cardboard box.

“Found it. Everything you need to fix this is in this box.”

Munching on the chewy brownie, she leaned over and peered into the box. Lace in every color of the rainbow was jumbled together in a heap. 

“Raina, I couldn’t fit into that expensive lingerie you buy even when I wasn’t carrying forty pounds of baby weight.”

“It’s pregnancy lingerie. It’s designed to highlight and conceal all the appropriate areas. I did some pregnancy modeling, remember? Whoo, you don’t even want to know how crazy Nick went for some of this stuff.”

Normally she would be mortified at hearing anything about her brother-in-law’s preferences in the lingerie department. But in this particular case, she could only hope his brother shared his interests.

“I’m not sure I can pull this off. You know how to be a sexpot. I don’t. I just don’t … feel sexy anymore.”

Raina smirked. “Trust me, it’s all in the attitude you project. Pretend you feel hot and you will be.  All you have to do is wear something skimpy, give him the look and you’re in business. Men are simple and they can’t say no to sex.”

Ri couldn’t help laughing at that. “Way to generalize, sis.”

“Am I wrong?”

Ridley sighed. “I guess not. Ok, show me what we’ve got.”

This novella is a companion piece to ONE MORE DAY & JUST ONE THING, books in The Alexanders series. It is not intended as a standalone read.

All Ridley Alexander has ever wanted is the life she has now: a devoted husband, children to love and a home of her own. So what’s the problem? While pregnant she’s gained a lot of weight and her usually insatiable husband is suddenly interested in anything but seeing her naked.

As much as it hurts, all she needs is for Jackson to pretend that he finds her as sexy as he used to, even if it’s not true. Now with a little advice from her meddlesome twin, she has a plan to seduce her own husband.

NOTE: This is a TTS (text-to-speech) audio for the blind & visually impaired. This is not human narration. (see the Preview sample)
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